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Quick Question re: Horn


Jan 4, 2003
Austin, Texas
Black 1981 Vette 4-speed
The horn button (cap) for my 1981 Corvette has come lose on my steering wheel. I can't tighten it and the horn will go off with the slightest bump. How do I remove it and any suggestions as to fixing this problem? Thanks in advance!
First Weclome aboard Sean ;)

The cap pops off the steering wheel. Use a plastic screw driver or be very careful with steel one (you can scratch the paint real easy) If the cap has a round snap device that pops down over a fitting on the steering wheel, you may be able to Very Carefully shape it so it snaps down tighter.

You can pull the fuse for the horn so it doesn't go off while you are making your adjustments, other would appreciate it and it won't scare the beejuess out of you too :D

Is the steering wheel itself tight and the tilt working correctly?
Re: Horn Trouble

First of all, thank you for the welcome and quick response. I think I am going to enjoy this site! The tilt / tele works perfectly. The horn button just came lose recently for some reason. I will try popping it off (carefully) and trying to tighten it. Thanks, again.

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