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Rack an Pinion?!!!


Scott E

Is the rack and pinion steering system a fairly common part that needs to be replaced? I ve got a 92' with 87,000 miles and steering seems a little loose.My brother said I need to get a reman unit and replace it....was just curious if this was common?
Hi there,
Are you experiencing any noises of any type, clicking, or knocking noises through the steering??
I would first have the alignment checked, as I have replaced some, but mostly for a loss of power steering in the morning, not for excessive play, as this can sometimes be adjusted out.
Please keep us posted, c4c5
When i would unlock the steering column without starting the car, i heard a knocking sound and there was alot of play. My car also wanted to pull all over the road. I had the rack changed and all is fine. Good luck.
I saw c4c5's questions about noises and am really curious. I hear a couple of clanks from the area of the rack when I turn lock to lock with or without the engine running. There's also a noticable shimmy at 62-64 MPH when on rough roads. Might these be related? Does this sound like a rack problem? Thanks many in advance...Bob
Just heard from mechanic. The aluminum bushings at the ends of the rack are badly worn, I guess I'm in for a new rack. Any recommendations on where to get a good one at a good price?
It doesn't need a rack after all! It stopped clanking after the mechanic looked at it, so I stopped in and asked if he had done anything to it. He said that when they had it over the pit they could see the assembly shifting a little when the steering wheel was turned, so he tightened all four mounting bolts about two turns. Someone said in a post that this happens regularly to their car.
Recall & Service

Scott and everyone,

Remember we have Service Bulletins and Service Recall Notices here too. Just go HERE and be sure to put in the YEAR of your Corvette in both boxes, Service Bulletins and Recalls to get a list of them.. :( it will amaze you :eek

Hmmm. I didn't see recalls or bulletins related to the rack on an '89, is the looseness problem well known?

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