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Rack for Sharks

silver 80

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Jul 9, 2001
1980 silver with blk interior 1987 blue / blue
Rack for Skarks

Here is something to ponder a rack systems is now avalible for the sharks.
I'm thinking about it. it costs about a 1K right now I guess it's the intro offer.
HMMMMM I wonder if they will do a group
order and lower the price?
tom just thiking out loud.
Finally, it's available. Yet, I want to see it in action and the system components before I fork over $$$. I woudn't mind seeing it tested, which I think it probably will be on Wallace's LS1 powered Shark at Vette Magazine. I don't know, I like the idea of adapting a Saginaw 800 box instead, especially if it were more stout. --Bullitt
I'm sure that a saginaw 800 is probably better I haven't seen one or I don't remember seeing one but i don't think anyone is doing any R&Ding for the vette are they? If they are I would like to see the two in a comparssion test.
Right now I only know of this product.
I looked at the camaro set up on their web site and it seems to be fairly stout.Has there been any feed back on the camaro sites?
It's a 50/50 split from the Camaro owner's point of view. They of course have access to the Saginaw as original equipment, so to them it really doesn't make a bunch of sense. The Saginaw for a Corvette is something that we were talking about a few months back as Keith mentioned. There's a place called Nathaniel's in Houston, that I'm thinking of contacting about this. They've been around for a long time and do race cars and such. Maybe they would have an idea. It's the pitman shaft that has to be extended, right? I need to dig up a Saginaw 800 first, then take both boxes to them to see what they think is possible. --Bullitt
i hope they can do something.
if they do let me know I want something better than what's on there now.

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