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I am looking into buying a Griffin aluminum radiator from Summitt Racing (31x19). Will it fit into my 77' vette?
I know I have to do some modifications to the support but the bottom of mine is rusted pretty bad. What do you guys suggest??

The price is alot cheaper than a replacement. $190 vs $500+
Mine is a Griffin direct fit and is (at the fins and upper frame) just under 19" tall, and the fin portion is just under 26" wide.

I can measure the whole thing tonight if you like and make sure it compares to what you are looking at.

If you can give me the dimensions then that will be most helpful.
Where did you get yours and what price did you pay?
Summit sells them for about $190.00 in different sizes. You think thats a good deal??
I can't remember, but I think it was around $180 plus shipping. TZracer here on CAC has a speed shop called Tropic Zone racing. he has about as much experience as anybody can ever get with high performance road race and street C3 issues.

Mine is designed to use a surge/pressure tank. There is no radiator cap on the radiator, as it goes on the tank.

There are different versions.

That price sounds pretty good. The electric fans will set you back though. I just ordered Spal fans from


Heck of a nice guy. He also sells the radiators.

You might want to give him a shout.

Ive never seen that kind of setup. A radiator without a cap?? Is it better without a cap and a surge tank? I plan to do some serious mods later down on my engine (350+ hp) do you think i should go with one like yours?
That is really up to you. It makes no real difference. Most modern cars now use the surge tank, including Corvette from about 89-present.

I just picked up my surge tank today (used) and have to clean it up for the install. I will take a pic for you. It is a stock style non-a/c for my year model. I will have a/c on the car, but because it is aftermarket, it really matters not.

One good thing about the surge tank, it is mounted higher than the intake manifold and radiator on the passenger inner fender. Therefore, it purges air out fast when you first fill it, or need to burp it.
Just got quoted about 200 dollars to re-core my original 75 radiator, should be every bit as good as new. I am welding up a new bottom section for my rusted out radiator support
Nothing wrong with a good re-core. Plus, you know it will fit back in because it is the one that just came out!

Those radiator supports are pesky rusty monsters aren't they?

If you notice, when you open the hood the water runs right off and lands on the lower support area. Then it sits there and rots the metal out.

Good thing you are able to weld yours up. New those jokers are very expensive.

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