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Random misfire problem, help needed please..


Jul 31, 2016
2005 2005 silver C6
2005 C6, 65,000mls
I'm getting a hesitation on hard acceleration, but not on smooth acceleration.
Tech2 log looks ok for most PIDS i.e STFT and LTFT all look ok, mostly on the -4 range
under deceleration it goes into OL and O2's drop to 0 which i believe is normal.
on the misfire data i'm getting random cylinder misfires but no codes.
i'v attached a screenshot as the one thing that concerns me is the spark readings......40deg!!!
I dont know much about Spark advance and retard and have tried to search for normal spark readings for an LS2
but cant find any info.
Can someone point me in the right direction of what spark readings i should be getting on a non modded standard LS2 C6?
BTW where i live the fuel from the gas station is 95 RON and 98 RON. i use the 95.

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