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"rare vettes"


sd pacecar

I love reading about rare vettes. I am talking about true rare cars. L88's or the LS6 from 1971. Legitimate rare cars have extremely low production figures. Less than one hundred would be cause to say "I own a rare car". Even the 96 Gran Sport is a high volume car when compared to true rare cars and not just vettes.
So, it amuses me when hearing any C4 owner state his or her car is "rare".:L Perhaps in twenty or more years, the 96 GS may be considered a rare car. I have also seen adds for C5's stating they have the "rare" six speed option or the even more rare hardtop model. Come on folks, get over yourself. C4 production was way to high for any year model, including the ZR1 to be considered "rare". Some models may be more desirable, but they will never be considered rare.
With that said, what does everyone think about a 78 Pacecar with 108k, L82/auto.....:t
Must admit I am partial...

...to the 78s as I have a Silver Anniversary. Mine is an L48 automatic with high miles, since it has been my daily driver for about 6 years. I don't believe much in parking cars, they were made to be driven! Mine had 86k on the odometer 11yrs ago when future-hubby bought it.
Yours looks VERY nice...were you fishing for compliments, or looking to sell it? Only 6,502 Pace Cars were made compared to 15,283 Silver Anniversaries and 40,274 other coupes...with a total production of 62,059 Vettes for 1978.
If you will check out the member profile of 78Pace, he has a very nice Pace Car site you'd enjoy checking out...
Silver aka: Heidi
rare vettes

It was for sale, but I have changed my mind. I am planning a front suspension upgrade and a 17inch wheel/tire combo. And no, I wasn't fishing for compliments, however the car does look very good. It is also my driver, but the 13mpg is killing me! And congrats on your fuel line replacement. Don't you love the smell of gasoline in the morning? It smells like...speed!:D

I get about 18mpg out of mine, I wonder if its the difference in engines?
I WAS quite proud of changing the fuel hose! I was crowing so much hubby cautioned me about laying an egg. I much prefer the smell of gasoline running down my arm than fumes entering the car while driving!
Personally, I am glad you've decided to keep your 78. :) For a long time, I could never find anything commemorating this 25th anniversary...and I still have not found any registry for this year vette, other than Pace Car specific registries...is there one out there at all for the 78s?!
I like your sense of humor, it will stand you in good stead!
Save the Wave! :w
rare vettes

I love the 78's too. Although my husband sold his 78 Pace Car after having it totally restored! He would not drive it because he was worried he would get a rock chip or something and we both believe that a vette is meant to be driven. So his 78 is now living in Holland. :) He purchased me a 90 convertible for with his proceeds of the 78. Which in turn a few months later I traded in on my 92. :cool But for a rare car how about 1 out of 405 built in 72, will that do? A 72 Ontario Orange Lt-1 Convertible, I do wish it was a factory air car though, it gets really hot here in SE Texas. :s
Help me out a bit. I'm just a Vette dummy, but redefine "rare", again. Second post says 6500 pace cars in one year? Zr1 was 6939 in 6 years? 62,000 Vettes in 1978?

The virtue of rareness is... ?

The virtue of desirability is.... ?

Bummer about the milage. My ZR 1 is about 24, and cruises at 30 mpg.

I probably sound more sarcastic than I mean to, but what is the point of the post... on the c4 page? From a c3 owner?
ArtZR1991 said:
I probably sound more sarcastic than I mean to, but what is the point of the post... on the c4 page? From a c3 owner?

:L :L
rare vettes

I had just signed up for this site and I mistakenly logged onto the C4 section. I was being sarcastic with my comment about my own car. I have owned two C4's and two C3's. I love them all. If you look at the Vette hobby, true rare cars are the C2 and certain C3 models (63FI, 65BB, 65FI, any year L88 ect.) I am not including my car or any C4. With the possible exception of the 40th anniversary ZR1 and the 96GS, the production numbers are too high. There is a huge difference in what can be considered "rare" and what would be considered desirable. Your ZR is definately desirable. Is it rare? 2,044 units made in model year 91(Black Book figure). Perhaps in twenty or more years, that figure will have been reduced alot. Then, it might be considerd rare. The 78 model year? No way!:L 46,776 units made, with about 6502 Pace Cars. I am not holding my breath on this one. So just enjoy them!:w
speaking of rare

I think there are way too many of almost every type of Corvette produced after '72 to call any of them truely rare. Some may be medium rare if they are a very unusual option or color. I get a kick out of people trying to varify that their Corvette is the only one ever produced with a certain combination of options. If they want rare why don't they buy a '55 with a 3-speed stick, one for the 43 REAL '57 283/283hp Fuel Injections. How about a '62 with a 24 gal fuel tank or a '63 coupe N03 36gal tank car. Then there is the '66 427/390hp with a powerglide (production qty. 20) or how about a '67 L88 (20) or L89 (16) and we must not forget the '71 ZR1 (8) and ZR2 (12) and the last of my favorite rare Vettes, the '72 ZR1 (20). I may have missed a couple but these are truely rare Corvettes that anyone could brag about.

On the lighter side, sometimes rare is just what you can convince others of. In a local auto trader I picked up Friday night was a '59 283/290 hp Fuely advertised for 52k :crazy as one of only 10 built with this engine. Makes you wonder what happened to the other 910 '59 290 hp fuelys that rolled off the line that year. :L :L

I'm rambling again but you hit one of my hot buttons. The worst part of a long post is with spell checker gone I have to proof read this, assuming I know how to spell all of the words.

rare vettes

Tom59 has hit the proverbial nail-on-the-head! Now those were some low production cars. You got what I was saying.:cool:w
Yes, I agree. I understand the context now. The problem with really rare cars (though I admire those that own them), is that they are expensive, but in addition, the real issue is they carry a real responsibility about how they can be treated.

Sort of like having your house listed on the Historic Register, then you can't remodel.

I consider all the C1's rare, because of low numbers combined with time, obviously some C2's, and then maybe later on some of the c3 and c4 models. Who will know? I am keeping my zr1 origional, 'cause it cost too much to mod it, plus there aren't many left that are origonal.

I am also a Shelby fan, as you can tell from my sig. Consider this, for some interesting trivia. There were 1003 Cobras produced during the 4 years of Shelby American. They are all generally in the hundreds of thousands. But Shelby only raced 43 cars as "factory" racers, and all of the remaining ones are in the millions. A goup I am aquainted with in Colorado (get this), has managed to collect 24 of those origonal 43. I didn't know there were that many left, let alone in one space. One of those cars, and one of Zora's Grand Sports, are my favorite cars of all times.

I'll never get any closer to either than to own a clone, though. But it seems ok, because at least I can afford to (and do) share my Cobra. Boy, I would like to build a clone Grand Sport to have the matching set, I even have the perfect engine already, but hell, I can't even find a C2 to start with. If they're in restored condition, they're to expensive, and if they are not restrored, they are valuable 'cause someone plans to restore them. All I need is one (coupe) that doesn't fit either category.
rare vettes

I agree with you too. And by the way, I dig those replica Cobras. I have a friend in Mass. that built one for a guy. My friend definately has the smarts to a project like that. Yes, the C2 market is very pricey. Most have been restored or the owners just don't want to part with them. That is why I like C3's. There are alot of them out there and I love the style and you can mod the hell out of them. My next Vette will be a C5 Hardtop, Nassau Blue or Torch Red. I considered the ZR1, but I feel that maintenance on the engine would be a bit out of my price range. I checked on some prices for basic external parts(alt., water pump, gaskets, ect.) They were quite exspensive, not to mention the fact the engine is a dual overhead cam engine and I have my hands full with a single cam and pushrods!:bang But I have to admit, the price on the ZR's are very attractive to me. I might still look at one though. The brute power of the ZR is very attractive!!:s
Hi everybody :)

rare vettes

It's rare we have two Moderators on the same thread. :D The center is in rare form tonite!:L
rare vettes

I'm sorry if I offended anyone by talking about my C3's on a C4 page. :( From now on I will try to be sure to watch which forum I'm in so as to not make this mistake again. Please forgive me. :) I do also currently own a 92 Bright Aqua Metallic/White/White LT1 convertible that I've only seen one other in this combination! The other owner told me that he was told that only about 25 were built in 92 but we have not been able to verify that as of yet. We hope to be able to eventually. :w
Re: rare vettes

I do also currently own a 92 Bright Aqua Metallic/White/White LT1 convertible that I've only seen one other in this combination!
A very nice combo. White leather interiors aren't seen that much. ( I'm trying not to use the word "rare"):L
rare vettes

sd pacecar,

No I don't think my 92 is rare but I do believe that she's unusual! ;) I've added a low profile spoiler, a light aqua pinstripe, and borla exhausts. Now she sounds more like a vette should! :cool :w
rare vettes

I have a soft spot for the 92 model and I will tell your why. I have heard from a few 92 owners that have driven later model LT1's and they swear that the 92 was a stronger car. I guess it must be that "seat of the pants" feel. I like the LT1 motor. Huge potential. Enjoy your car.
rare vettes

sd pacecar,

Thanks. She runs very well! I do enjoy her! You enjoy yours too. :) :w

You didn't offend anyone. You should spend as much time as you wish on the other boards. I do. After all, when is one Corvette enough?

This started when I misunderstood the contaxt of the origional post, and has turned into a good discussion.

I spend time hoping I can someday find a c-2 coupe to put my really terrific 383 stroker in, to make a Grand Sport clone. See, the only problem my engine has now is that it is in my Cobra. But since it has a well documented race history, I would never change it unless I could do something as important as showing the two great american racers of the '60's the Grand Sport and the Cobra. For that I would move my engine, because it is similar to what Duntov had in mind for his car.

For a great build up of a Bow Tie, see http://www.cobra65.org/hardcore99.htm

Here is what I would love to have to show with the Cobra (a clone, of course)

Sorry for the size of the pic, it is from my site. The "click on the pic" caption refers to http://www.greatvettes.org/

Until then, I just keep terrorizing my Cobra replica "purist" friends with my Bow Tie Cobra!

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