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Rear Brake Line Crossover



Anyone ever change one of these on a 77' ? I got one with a major leak. Also, The car has been in storage for almost 2 years, and picked up a nice Transmission puddle as well. Any ideas if those gaskets get eaten away over time? and any suggestions on what else to look out for prior to getter her back on the road?

Blt4ice first things first ~ Welcome to the Corvette Action Center Community ~

I can relate to leaks :( when I found Rare, she had sat inactive for a number of years too. By the time her and I got to California from Michigan.... everything that could leak did leak..

I'll make a quick list here of things I've changed or have had changed on her:
  • Valve cover gaskets.
  • Oil pan gasket.
  • Rebuilt power steering control valve, hoses, slave cylinder.
  • Upper and Lower Radiator hoses.
  • Transmission main shaft, bearings, second gear & syncro's.
  • Rear end gaskets.
  • All new ss brake calipers.
That pretty much covers all the leaks :D

I've gone through the suspension and a lot of other "Stuff" too. Last year she made the trip from California to Bowling Green, Kentucky with only one small glitch.. on the way home she develop a short in the turn signals in the steering column. She will be heading back to Bowling Green again this year for "SharkFest" ;)
Welcome aboard Tia!

I can relate all too well with your experience and the ones Bud explained. My Vette sat the better part of the last 10-15 years and I am slowly but surely replacing all kinds of gaskets and lines. Fortunately, most of the "puddles" can be remedied fairly inexpensively as gaskets are rather cheap if you or a friend can install them. Idle time is most certainly the worst thing for one of these old Vettes so once you get it back on the road, keep it there.

Once you get into the repairs, keep us posted and ask anything.
If your rear crossover line is rusted out, the rest of the brake and fuel lines could not be far behind. I replaced all mine with stainless steel. Gets pricey, but better to do it once than have a problem later. Probably should look at the brake hoses as well. There is a spot forward of the rear wheels where the lines on both sides are above a gusset welded to the forward side of the cross member and the inside of the frame. This area traps a lot of road dirt, salt, etc, and most likely spot to find a problem with lines and frame rustout.
Bloomington Gold!

Hey ya "Big Fish":
Seeing you in St. Charles, Ill.....Are ALL CAC members invited to your place to stay during Bloomington Gold?

About the Brakes, they are the most important system on your Vette! If they don't work right, FIX THEM!
I would flush the system out with clean brake fluid real good. Run at least 1 quart thru by bleeding to get all the old crap out.
Replacing the rubber lines at all four corners is good insurance also at a cost of about $50 in parts, not too bad a deal!
Hi Fastglass. I sure wish I could have all you stay here. Might be fun to wake up the neighborhood! I guess the show personnel had all the available rooms at Pheasant Run booked before the brochure went to print. There is a really nice hotel for sale in downtown St. Charles if you know of anyone interested?
Thanks for all the replies, and before i get a new nickname the TIA was for Thanks in Advance. I guess I forgot to check off to use a signature.

I talked to a local parts shop and no luck finding a replacement line for my application. Looks like my 2 options are ordering online from Rik's or making the bends myself. I think I will be doing the bends since it will be fun, rewarding, and raise the stock on Steel.

Brakes are first, then the Tranny, then Inspection time.

Also, this shark stuff, I guess I'm a newb to vettes, but where can I read about all the nicknames or a history/info site on them.

You shouldn't have any trouble getting your brake and fuel lines from any of the Vette specialty suppliers like Eckler's, Mid America, Chicago Corvette, Zip Parts, Muskegon Brake, Vette Products of Michigan, etc, etc. By the time you buy a double flare forming tool, materials, hardware, tube bender, etc, you would probably be cheaper buying them pre-made. Some of the lines are armored which would be quite difficult to duplicate.
Blt4ice said:
... . . ..Also, this shark stuff, I guess I'm a newb to vettes, but where can I read about all the nicknames or a history/info site on them.

Brian ;)
In the "Model Center" under specs on the right side is a menu item called "History" here is the link to it HISTORY

Welcome aboard, Brian!

Funny, my mo-in-law's 86 Buick LeSabre has the exact same issue right now, so I've been trying to find pre-bent crossover but with no luck. I did find a website for a company that might be able to help you out though, check out www.classictube.com - the guy was very helpful when I called but I haven't actually ordered anything from them yet.

Also, our local brake parts store has told us that there is a newer type of brake line that you can bend by hand and doesn't kink as easily as the old stuff. I'm not sure if it has a brand name but if you're interested I can ask more about it. That's what we're planning on using tomorrow on the LeSabre...

Have fun with your new baby!
Barb :w
Thanks for the links, I found the crossover at Zip parts, it ships on Monday, I ordered the SS hoses but they are not due in stock for another 2 months.

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