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rear diff bushings



Has anyone replaced the rear diff bushings on an 81? The are the ones that are on the left and right of the diff cross member.
Thanks, Chris
Which ones are you refering to? Do you mean the ones on the rear cross spring? I'm not real sure where you are refering too.


I replaced mine with poly bushings, it wasn't very fun either. If you want to replace your stock ones with poly ones you'll have to knock out the outer metal inserts...I never want to tackle that job as long as I live although now that I've done it I'm sure it would be a little easier. If you're just going to replace them with rubber bushings I wouldn't think you would have to knock out the metal inserts, just remove the rubber and grease up the new ones and pound them in. If you want to see what's involved go here; http://www.sharkwerkes.com/sharktank/tech2/rear7.html

If you need more help just let me know.
Aw come on Scott,
I know you loved it. And just think of the satifaction of doing it yourself!
:s :s :s :s :r
You always have to remove the metal inserts, no shortcuts here.

Have you been watching too much Comedy Central? ;) Removing those inserts SUX big time! Although without your help I'd still be in the garage scratching my fat head wondering how to remove them....many thanks again! One thing I am glad about is not paying someone to remove them, that's always good.

Mike and Scott, Thanks for the info. I was able to remove the bushings by drilling out the rubber and than I used a jig saw to cut in the outer insert. At this point you can knock it out with out a problem.

To install the bushings I made a press out of two 2" pipe caps, drilled a hole in the middle for a threadall 6" long, some washers and grade 8 nuts. It worked great!!!!!!!!!!!! Also put some oil on the insert to let it slide in freely.
I will send pictures of this home made press.


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