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Question: Rear Diff Cross Member


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Sep 25, 2009
Bremerton Wa - Okinawa Japan
1972 stringray
What is the trick to remove the rear diff cross member? I have everything off exect the diff carrier. I removed both bolts on both sides. It came down about 1/4" and stuck. I applied break free over night and this morning. Nota. There is nothing else. I have it attached to a cherry picker with a little slack in it. I was hoping is would drop a little over night.

Yes body is off. :confused

Many thanks



I had to get after mine with a huge crowbar and just put some muscle to it.....she will pop off eventually.
I rented a Porta-Power and used it's duckbill attachment. With that, it came off quite easily.
Thanks 68

Puller worked fine. :D

Ready for the powder shop now.

If you used a puller where the center screw bears on the cushion bolt head on each side and it came off OK, you dodged a bullet; if you break the weld-nut loose that's inside the "sombrero" formation on the frame (that the bolt on each side threads into), you get to pull the body off the frame to fix it. :eyerole

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