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Rear differential Advice?


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Jul 8, 2005
Tampa FL
1975 Silver Coupe
To keep a long story short, the gear bolts stripped and the diff. is toast as of three days ago. There was no fluid leak, but the rear end cover will have to be replaced. I searched the posts but did not find a consensus on rebuild businesses, can people please chime in on the best around? Has anyone used Corvette Perfection in WI? I am not going to try to tackle this myself. And as well, I am defentely going to change the gear ratio, want a little more off the line, but drive it at highway speeds quite a bit. Suggestions? 3.55? Thanks in advice for the help.


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Sep 4, 2003
New Haven CT
I custom build these and there are several ways to go about rebuilding them, stock, custom, and all out racing. The all out racing is a Tom's 12 bolt conversion and will hold up to over 1,000 hp. Most street cars don't require this. The way I build them is similar but not a 12 bolt setup.
the ring gear bolts sheared on yours, not uncommon but usually it happens to the late 76- 79's more because the dropped using lockwashers on the ring gear bolts and went to flanged head bolts. I always use new lockwashers and grade 8 bolts with loctite on them. Look have to look over the posi carrier for damage, replacing a rear cover with a HD one is $100 but replacing a posi with a new one is about $500 and they're no where as good as a custom tuned one. If you have any questions let me know and I'll go over them with you.
Good luck,

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