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Rear End Crossmember



I am in the process of rebuilding the rear suspension on my 70 Vette.Everything has been removed except the rear end crossmember.I seem to be having a difficult time removing it.The car doesn't seem like it was worked on since the day it left the assembly plant.I have removed the two bolts,one on each side,securing it to the frame of the car.It has also been sprayed multiple times, over a weeks period,with penetrating oil.Is there any trick to removing it or just brute strength?Any help would be greatly appreciated before I break something.

Hi Manny,
You've got the usual stuck crossmember. Get a large prybar or telephone pole to pry it loose. Have a jack or something under it to catch it when it "pops" off.
Longer is better

Yep, Mike is right. Bigger bar, more presure. It will come off, you may have to replace a pair of $130.00 bushings, but it will come off.........Good luck, and don't be afraid of showing it who's boss...........Steve:J

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