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Rear-end: Done


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Apr 3, 2008
Orange County,CA
1981 dark purple coupe
Well after 3 years, she's finally rolling around again :thumb 806.jpg808.jpg818.jpg824.jpg828.jpg831.jpg833.jpg844.jpg
848.jpg852.jpg856.jpg860.jpg862.jpg868.jpg She is currently waiting for transport at my house in MA so she can come live with me in sunny california :beer. Hopefully she'll be here within the next two weeks.
Once she's out here i'll be garaging her for a few weeks while i strip off all the old paint and do some body work. I plan on sealing all the body lines and misc. patch work, the P.O. kind of treated her like an old step-child haha.
Those parts look so nice... almost too clean to take on the road... almost!! ;)

very nice!!!
Good Luck with it!!!!
more pics when it is done!!!!
How difficult was it to rebuild the TA? I would like to replace my bearings but don't really want to spend the money on new TA's if I can rebuild the old ones.

My old trailing arms actually had allot of safety issues with them because of the previous owner so the only parts I reused was one spindle support bracket and one caliper bracket. All of the other parts are new so I think it was harder for me because most of the assembly is meant to be pressed together. For instance the stud bolts for the support bracket and caliper bracket where a p.i.t.a. Because all I had was a hammer and a brass rod, probably would have been easier if I had reused my old trailing arms. In my opinion if I had to do it all over again, I would definitely ship them out to be rebuilt. Its important to measure the runout and use the right shim. My runout never got passed .002 :). It should never be more than .005. If you have access to a press then this is a cakewalk. Just time consuming.:beer lots of beer and a helping friend makes it 10x better.
There's actually a couple of videos on youtube if you want to get an idea of the process. I think zip and VBP have there own videos on there as well.

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