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Rear Main Seal


Richard Cooper

I want to change the rear main seal in my 81. I looked on the computer and found felpro seals. They list 3 different ones,1- a rubber 2 piece, single lip, 2- a rubber 2 piece double lip and 3- a 2 piece wide style seal with raised bead on OD channel. Which one is best to use on my stock L-81?
Also, is the one piece or four piece oil pan gasket best to use.
Thanks for any help.
PS. Not sure if it makes a difference, but the car is automatic.
The double lip two piece seal is what you need to use. The tripple lip is nice too, so either one will work. The double lip is more like stock.

On the oil pan the multi piece gasket set will actually work just fine if you don't over tighten the bolts and apply the sealant to the lip edges.

One benefit of the type I block like yours is it can be done with the trans in place.

Thanks for the reply, I will buy the one you said to use. Can't wait for the weather to start getting a little warmer so I go out to the shed and do some work.
Well, thanks again and take care.
I am going to agreee with MyWay in this situtation. Since you didn't state how many miles are on the car, and also, (for your sake) that the seal is just old and cracked, is that there might be a potential groove in the crank seal area. If that is the case, then the more lips on the seal, the better. Hopefully, the two lips of a triple seal, is behind (Trans side) groove. You'll find out soon enough, when you carfully pull out the old seal, and fingernail the crank's seal for a nice flat surface.

Thanks, there are 145,000 on the vette.

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