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Rear Main Seal



My '68 - 327 is in need of a new rear main seal. I wanted to see if anyone has any words of wisdom, things to watch out for or general advice for me.
Thanks, Jim

Okay, you will be best served to pull the motor. That will allow full access to the rear main seal area.

With an auto, I would suggest dropping the trans as the Xmember unbolts leaving access to the flexplate and rear area.

You may find a few other things that need freshening up while you are at it anyway. Good time to change the clutch and motor mounts.
Pulling the Motor?

Is it possible to change the seal without pulling the motor?


Yes it is.
Disconnect the steering linkage at the idler arm.
Remove the oil pan.
Remove the oil pump.
Remove the rear main cap.
Tap out the old seal.
Sorry, I forgot


I have been interchanging more Type II blocks in recent years and was thinking about the one piece rear main seal housing. It requires the removal of the flywheel to remove the housing to replace the seal. At least the good news is that they don't leak as often as the old style.

Stingray6974 is exactly correct for the two piece seal replacement.

My wife accuses me of pulling engines just to change oil. :eek

I'm glad to hear that it can be done without pulling the motor. I'm a amatuer mechanic so I don't think I'm ready to be pulling engines yet. Thanks for the info.



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