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Rear Rotors


Fast Ed

When i took off the LS rear rotor it came off W/O too much effort. When i got to the RS it appears as if there are 5 RIVITS holding them to the hub. Can it be true? I know on some of the older cars, circa 1950, they bolted them on but this practice went out 40 years ago, or so i thought.
All C3 rear rotors were held onto the spindle by the rivits.

This tells me that your left side has had some sort of work done on it in the past. Possible a replaced rotor due to scoring of the rotor or bearing replaced or ???????.

Thanks Tim.
I assume drilling is the best way of removal? They don't need to be re installed do they.
Drilling them out is the way to go. It is the way I did it.

No, they do not need to be replaced unless you are going for the "original" look.


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