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rear suspension questions


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Nov 1, 2001
southern california
1982 convertible (not factory) stock 350cfi auto
did 82's come with a gymkana suspension if so how do you tell if it has it .... mine has a fiberglass spring what kind of replacement spring would I need to get a smother ride ( not worried to much about handling ) ... what year suspension parts and differential parts are compatible to mine Ive heard heard 82's had large u-joints not found in earlier models .... I'm interested in buying other parts to have rebuilt so my car isn't torn apart for along time and for the front suspension what also would be compatible and what kind of front coil springs would give a smother ride as well .... and does anyone here have a complete tilt/telescopic steering column they want to sell .... and this is a off the subject question has anyone ever seen a rebuild kit for power mirrors I'de like to replace the motors and everything else in mine but have never seen these parts anywhere

Yes the 1982 came with the gymkana suspension.

Option: FE7 Gymkhana Suspension
Price: $57
Number made: 7,803

The Gymkana Suspenison has a stablizer bar that runs from the one shock mount to the other. Mounted with two 3/8" or so bolts to top of the shock mount ... if memory serves me right here. If not I'm sure someelse will chime in. ;)
yes your right 80-82 rear suspention is slightly different than earlier years. But if you want smoother than that it's better to change the shocks because the spring is already smooth and you wont find any in the aftermarket as soft as that one.

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