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rear wheel brngs Trail arm for question in Intro


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May 14, 2015
81 4spd Corvette Blue dark met
the rear wheel bearing R and R is a PITA and involves a lot including a several special tools, several jacks, and setting the clearance exactly. It is a good time to look at everything else in the vicinity as you will have it apart..spring, all bushings consider poly), strut rods etc. It "may" be worthwhile to get the entire assembly from one of the usual vendors..check the catalogs..as it comes all set up, so a much more simple (but not simple) R & R. As said check the catalogs for both all the parts and tools, and the compl assy. Check the shop manual (and here) for instructions and tips and decide which way you want to go. DO..be SURE...you get genuine Timken bearings..USA made. It is worth it. You only want to do this once. If you are not sure of the front bearings..do them also as they are a "weak" point, and easier to do, if you have the right drift or tool for driving out the old races..and driving in the new. (tip..use the old race..grind it down a tad thinner on the outer surface so it won't jam..and it becomes your tool for driving in the new race.) There are some very good U tube videos on all these things..but watch several, not just one..to get the "best" tips. When doing trail arms, and trying to line things up for bolt R&R I found that several jacks are needed..and various positions of each jack..a little up with one..down with another..then down..then up..to work the bolts into place.
Finally, when all done, find a very good alignment shop that knows 4 wheel, trailing arm alignment..don't use factory specs..check Duntov and other sites for newer and better alignment specs...or message me and I can send em.

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