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Rear Window Defogger



Does anybody have the wiring scematics(spelling?) for the rear window defogger for an 84. For some reason the one on my vette has been disconnected. It appears that the rear window has been removed at one time for some reason and it was never hooked back up. I think the wires hook to the hydraulic struts that hold the window up and then soldered to the defogger on the back glass but I am not sure. I have a ground wire on one side and another wire on the other side. If anybody knows anything about this, I could sure use your help.
MFP...my 95 coupe rear defogger's hooked up like you think your's might be. The defogger's wires hook into some holders on the hydraulic lifte cylinders. The opposite end is soldered into the defogger unit. Not sure if this is of any help...but, there it is. Newbie
Actually, thats a lot of help. I thought that was the way they went but didn't want to hook it up that way untill I new for sure. I guess I will give it a try and see what I get.
From my 85
Wire hook up as follows;

Black-Driver side. Connector to bottom of hydraulic piston.

Blk/red stripe- Connector to bottom of hydraulic piston.

Wires from top of piston(black) soldered to wiring along bottom of glass.

Top of piston has a connection also.

Hope it helps.

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