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Rear window molding



Should the rear window molding be chrome or blacked out for an 80?


The front & back window trim, rocker panel (between the front and rear wheels should be Black on the 80 ~ 81.
trim colors

How about for my 78?
It appears the back trim was never painted, but the front had been. Shop did not paint it, and I thought they would....so I guess I'll do it myself. Is that correct for my car?

I think that Black is corect for all 78-82's. I have seen a lot of them left chrome. The first year that Mid America had their Funfest, they took a picture of the cars(that year there were, maybe, 500 there) but I still had trouble finding my 1980 in the picture. Then I noticed the shiny chrome window trim......Maybe that's why I didn't win anything.........I like the trim both ways, depending on the color of the car. Dark, I think, should be chrome, light I think should be black. The black looks really good on a white car...........to me.......:cool ..........Steve
Black or Chrome

The black anodizing comes off over time and I think some people have just polished the rest of it off and left it shiney. I have a new one downstairs for the '81 and it is black. I know it wouldn't take much to finish polishing the black off of the old one. I agree that the bright finish looks better on the dark color cars.


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