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rear window shelf



Did all '72s come with the shelf for the rear window? (Or did any come with that shelf?)
OK, then... Anyone know where I can get such a shelf? I didn't see it in the product catalog of Corvette Central. I'll keep looking, of course, but if anyone has suggestions for a place to buy things like this (and things like a clock, door panels, ...), I'd appreciate it.

I looked for a year ... but finally found one in great shape. I diligently watched eBay. They show up every once in awhile. Anyway, one appeared, but went for way too much money. Then I noticed that the picture was of one on top of a whole stack of them. I emailed the auctioner, he replied that in fact he'd sell me one for what I had offered and the deal was struck.

You must be careful though, the '72 shelf used a different latch ( actually exactly the same latch as the glove box door latch ), and that these things get cracked very easily.

I THINK I got mine from this guy

How much did it cost, if you don't mind my asking? (Oh, and is that USD or CND?)
how do they mount in your car? Does anyone have a picture?
Its a post swing setup, there are 2 pivot points on the left and right rear of the tray. The front latch holds it up.

I'll see if I can snap some shots of the tray I had machined.

Be careful what and where you buy. I bought a used one for my 70 and it was the wrong one. It mounted ok but was about 2" short in depth. I still am looking for a correct tray.

The guy I bought it from ran a used parts business in Fla. He refused to take it back even though he called it a tray for 68-72 models. Once he had my money he was no longer interested in talking. I paid $125 plus shipping.
was this an option on 1970's? my car is at the shop right now, but when i get it back im going to look for the mounting points
from the descriptions im guessing this shelf is above the rear floor (where the 3 compartments are) is the shelf flush with the bottom of the rear window?
These are 2 good shots of the tray and the mounting clip

Pic 1

The Aim for a 70 shows the tray as standard equipment. It differs from the 72 latch shown in the previous pictures. Sorry I don't have pictures of a 70 tray since I am still looking for the correct one.
I'm missing my tray too (72 LT-1). The local 'vette shop doesn't have any but can get me a tray for $100. However , the price doubles when the mounting pieces are added!!!!

I have an alternative though... I have a friend that has recently opened up an auto machine shop -- they do custom pieces for, well right now it is for Porsches and old (20's, 30's) Fords I think. But he says that if I can get him a tray to copy and if there is some demand for them, he can whip off some trays.

Not sure how much yet; I'll see if I can get a ballpark figure from him.

Now, my question to you people is, is there a demand for a reasonably priced, newly machined tray and mounting pieces? Let me know how many people might be interested and I'll pass the info on. Then I'll come back with more details.
To red70vette
Does the AIM give any dimensions for the location of the mounting brackets.
My 72 AIM doesn't appear to have any dimensions for the shelf at all. It does show the locations, however. I'm going to try and get my hands on a shelf and have it replicated.

Anyone know what the shelves were made out of? One book I read said the 68-69 shelves were made from fibreboard, I think.
billy bob.what material is your tray made of? could it be copied in fiberglass?
i have a 74 that someone was nice enough to put in a removeable window. i thought about making a channel system that the window could slide into, in the open space under the rear deck
I had it machined with aluminum

The originals were fiberglass, and is probably alot cheaper and easier

The AIM doesn't give deminsions but if you peel back the carpet on the rear wall of the storage area you will probably find the remnants of the mounting brackets. Mine where still mounted. Since they are riveted to the back wall they are real tough to reach so I would think in most cases they are left attached or the rivet holes would be visible. The tray attaches with a screw as a pivot.

If you have a fax I can fax you the AIM page for detailed description.

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