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Rebuild, having problem with heater core


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Nov 20, 2002
1996 CE LT4
A little background, doing a rebuild on my '78 Silver Anniversary (L48).

The engine is now operational and running well. After filling the coolant
at operating temp, I installed the radiator cap and shortly thereafter, had
a fairly major leak in the heater core. I would like to take the heater
core out to inspect (& replace if necessary). Problem is, I am not sure if
the heater core comes out through the engine side or the dashboard side of
the firewall. Neither way looks to be much fun at all.

I have searched the assembly manual and there is not alot of detail on how that all goes together. If it
is the interior side, is it necessary to remove the dashboard or how deep do
you have to go? On the engine side, it looks like the AC unit would need to
be disassembled in order to get at it that way. Any help here would be much
appreciated. From the manual it looks as though there may have been (2)
arrangements on the heater core. Mine has the hose connections coming out
the bottom (not the side).

Any ideas??? Thanks, in advance.


Hello hello silver anniversary owner. I pulled the whole ac assembly during the first part of the restoration. I pulled the core out throught the inside of the car. Unfortunately it was not pretty. Itwas in there pretty good and the hoses would not come off so I ended up butchering the thing to get it out. I am going to be running vintage air and dont really see the need for Heat in Florida, so its not a big deal for me. but if you take your time I think you could get it out with miner collateral damage.



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May 19, 2003
West Unity Ohio
1968 1997
I did my 76 some time ago, I cut the hoses at the heater core (you should replace them anyway) took the right half of the dash and the passenger seat out and had at it. I always say they put the heater core in first then build the car around it. ;LOL

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