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Recently acquired 1992 corvette has little to no rear brakes


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Dec 31, 2021
Dover, Vermont
1992 Dark Rose Metallic
Hi, a little over a week ago I purchased my second C4 Corvette, a 1992. It runs and drives great for the most part. Upon bringing it home, I noticed the front brakes functioned as normal but the rears would barely engage. This was on ice, again just bringing it home, but has brought some concern for when I go to drive it this summer. I checked the fluid in the master cylinder, which was full, but looked fairly dark. I decided to flush the entire system with hopes this would solve the issue, it did not. Although when bleeding/flushing the rear lines there was no apparent issue with “extracting” the old fluid from the bleeder valve/brake setup. I removed the rear rubber brake hoses from the lines/calipers and neither were kinked or blocked. My emergency brake does work, but in drive with a little gas the rear wheels spin, (I figure this is typical) same as if the car were in drive, my left foot on the brake and my right just barely on the gas. Neither calipers were frozen and the brakes otherwise appeared to be in good shape. I’m thinking maybe the proportioning valve or master cylinder, but have not found many similar experiences with these cars.
Sounds like the master cylinder if the calipers are free. Changed mine last year as it gave me no warning of failure until I hit the brakes one day, it went to the floor and couldn't get them back. Thank the Lord the emergency worked and I wasn't going very fast....it got me home. The only thing I noticed is when I first hit brakes with the original MC the pedal would travel a little further then after that it would be close to the top. Might be an indicator for you.

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