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Refinish C4 Front Bumper

Mar 3, 2001
Andover, MA USA
1986 "Bright Red" Coupe
Does anyone know where to get good information on refinishing the C4 flexible bumpers? My front bumper has cracks in the paint and I want to refinish it correctly so cracks don't come back. Should it be stripped or just sand out cracked paint. What is the correct primer for this job etc? I will most likely remove the bumper to do this.
When I repainted my car I used 320 grit (wet) to sand out the cracks. Primed with 5 heavy coats of PPG K36 with flex additive, wet sanded with 400 then 600 grit. Then sealed it with tintable sealer (tinted my color of course). It looked great when done!

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Good advice from Moffitt. You need to remember that on bumpers or anywhere else that no matter how well you prep the part to be painted, if there is any cracked paint under the new paint the crack will be back. Also Check with your local automotive paint store. They will steer you in the right direction on primers, sealers flex agent ect. to use on flexible parts that are all campatable.

If you feel you need to talk to an expert that does this all the time send Steve at SS Auto Sport (supporting Vender) a private message or email. He is always ready to help out.

It needs to be repainted. If you don't replace the bumper, after it is painted the cracks will reappear in the clear coat after a week or so. Have them buffed out and it will be fine after that.

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