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Remote Entry Receiver for C5



Can anyone tell me where to look or how to tell if my 1999 coupe has been fitted with the receiver for the keyless entry system? Mine is not fitted with the keyless option and I want to add it (original GM, not aftermarket) and want to know which bits to buy (I know I need the key fobs and a 'module' for the controls, but what else will I need? And, don't say 'take it to your Chevy dealer and they'll tell you' -- I'm 13,000 mile sand a lot of sea-water from the nearest one!


Thanks, folks.


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May 29, 2001
New Haven, Ct. USA
Nope, but someday.
Hi there,
All c5 was equipped with keyless entry, and alarm systems.
If you would like to confirm this, does your tire pressure warning system work????
If so, you know you have the receiver there.
You see, both systems are controlled by the same receiver.
All you should have to do is program 2 remotes to the vehicle.
Besttoyou, c4c5:hb


No, my tire pressure system does not work and I have rubber valve stems. In another thread (C5 Newbie and now the questions start) I mentioned this and asked if the sensors were worth th emoney. General consensus was that if I wasn't running EMT's they weren't worth the effort.

Anyway -- no tire pressure systems, so I assume no receiver for remote key entry. Make sense?



You should send a message to "c4c5specialist" about this. He's the resident "chief surgeon" and he should have the answer.

My guess is that IF you have the receiver and IF the BCM has the correct RPO codes for it, then at the very least you should be able to buy a FOB (up to three, actually) and program them to work. But it might not be completely good news.

Lets say that 1) you've got the required recv'r installed and 2) the BCM has the codes. Did the RHD conversion include rewiring the doors? If not, when you press the UNLOCK button on the remote, will it open the passenger door (left door) first? and the drivers door (now on the right) only after the second UNLOCK press?

That may the worst of it, provided you've got the rec'r and the BCM codes, something you may have to live with unless you do some major surgury on the wiring harnesses.

The receiver is located up under the left side of the cargo area above the rear-left wheel housing. You'd have to pull off the left interior trim piece to get at it. It looks like a cigarette box sized box with a rod-like antennae protruding from both front and back running along the inside of rear left quarter panel. If the receiver is there, you could then test the BCM for the presence of the correct RPO codes by starting to do the FOB reprogram procedure, but stop after step #6:
[this is straight from the 2002 Corvette Service Manual. Vol. 3]

1. Turn the ignition to ON
2. Turn the radio to OFF
3. Press the RESET button on the Driver Information Center (DIC) in order to clear any IPC warning messages.
4. Press and release the OPTIONS button on the DIC to scroll through the display options unitl the IPC display is BLANK
5. Press and hold the RESET button 3 seconds
6. Press the OPTIONS button until FOB TRAINING message is displayed.

{If you see FOB TRAINING then the BCM has the correct RPO codes and you should be OK to just buy a FOB, Program it using steps 1 thru 6 above + steps 7 and 8 below.
IF FOB TRAINING cannot be displayed, the BCM doesn't have the RPO codes and would have to be reprogrammed. I can't help you with that, sorry. You should just turn OFF the Ignition at this point to exit the programming mode.}

7. Press the RESET button in order to begin the programming sequence. The message HOLD LK + UNLK 1ST FOB will be displayed
8. Simultaneously press and hold the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons on the first transmitter for 15 seconds. The IPC will indicate when that transmitter is programmed and when to procede to the next. Repeat this procedure for each additional transmitter or press OPTIONS button to exit.

Again, you should contact c4c5specialist here on the CAC to get a better idea of what would actually be involved.



Thanks, MacShee98.

I'll dig around in the back of the 'vette later today (our time) and see what I can find.

Appreciate the feedback.






Also, I just spoke to the resident C5 guru (Gavin) at my conversion company (Corvette Queensland). He agrees that my car was an 'export unit' from BG (via Japan) and was made without the receiver module, so he suggests I pick one up in USA.

The only caveat he gave me was that the receiver was the same one that was used for the tire pressure sensors and if I installed it to use the remote key fobs, I might also have to install the tire sensors, otherwise I will keep getting error messages about not being able to find the tire sensors ('cause they won't be there, will they!?!?).

Does anyone know if you can have a keyless entry system and NOT use the tire sensors and disable the error messages about the sensors? Gavin thinks they tried to do this without success, continually getting errors.

Thanks, Folks


Well, at least you know that the BCM doesn't support the remotes. That's key here, no pun intended. It means that even if you installed a receiver, its still going to prevent you from programming the remotes: the RPO code now in the ECM won't support remote operation.

You should find out about getting the BCM updated before installing the receiver, because without that update, it ain't gonna happen.

Also, check here about what others have done about the tire pressure sensor errors when they've switched to non runflats and removed them. There may be an answer here somewhere. Or else you could just bite the bullet and get them installed. At the least, you'd know what your tire pressure was up to (or down to), despite the non-runflats. Hell, I discoverd a slow leak in my right rear tire with the system - found a huge nail thru the tread and got the tire repaired BEFORE it failed.



Thanks, mate.

I've e-mailed my 'vette guru and asked him to look into the upgrade for me. The car has to go back within the next 10 weeks anyway for any tidy-up of warranty items, so maybe he'll do it then. In the meantime, I'll work on locating a California or Arizona or Nevada Chevy Dealer who'll get the bits in for me to pick up (those are the States I'll be driving around next month, but NOT, unfortunately, in a 'vette).

Thanks for your help on this one -- now, any comment on my thread about the Blackwing?

:) :)


The BlackWing is what I'd strongly consider, and it looks like you've made up your mind about it. It appears to be small enough that tranporting back to Oz shouldn't pose any problems.

I don't have any info about how you would actually get one in your hands whilst you travel the western states. You may have enought lead-time to email Donaldson about distributors in those states and arrange for one to be waiting for you.

I'd also find out about a replacement filter element and/or recharge kit (assuming the blackwing uses oil-impregnated cotton-gauze.)

A GM Corvette engineer told me that the HP increase with low restrictiing air-filters is accompanied by a increase in DIRT in the engine, requiring more frequent OIL CHANGES.



Just got an email back from Gavin at CQ -- they are all set up to reprogram my BCM, so will take care of that for me when I drop the car back for warranty 'touch-up'. He's also confident we can get the remote keyless settled down, but I stil think I need to find out about running it without the tire sensor error messages.

Anyone out there know any more about this?


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