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Remove stripes from C7 Grand Sport


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Sep 23, 2005
new york
2007 Atomic Orange Coupe
Looking at a C7 Grand Sport with the Heritage package. Questionable color combo. Has anyone removed these stripes before ? I’m assuming they’re just vinyl and they would come off with some heat.

Anyone done this before ?
I've never had to do that to a newer vinyl overlay, but if I were considering it the first place I would call is a body shop. I'm sure they have done hundreds. They're probably down to getting those off in minimum time. I wonder if mfg's. use something like the vinyl wraps kids do today. If so, you might want to inquire about this on a Honda Civic or other boy-racer sites and see what they say. I would think something like WD40 and some heat, like on a really hot day would do the trick. Another idea would be to contact the Bowling Green plant or Museum. Let us know what you find out.
The'll come right off with a stripe eraser and some heat,But somtimes the glue is a bitch! Also depending the color,you may have a shadow where they were.:thumb
Thanks - Had a guy look at it today. Glad I did ...

Sorry - tried to attach a Instagram post but it didn’t work. Long story short the car is in MI I’m in NY so I had a guy I know who lives in MI take a look at it. I was concerned about some paint issues from the dealers pics. Turned out the paint was great but fortunately my guy brought his SnapOn Verus Pro. Car had a very rough idle. Misfires on more than half the cylinders. Multiple pages of codes stored. Couldn’t narrow the issue down but it sounded horrible, especially with only 16k miles.
Best part was when he brought the car back to the dealer (Ford dealership) and the salesman said “Oh they all do that” .... This dealer in MI also has a Chevy sister dealership and they claimed “it operates flawlessly “
Hard pass - the search continues. Never though when I sold my C6 last Fall it would be so hard to get a C7 GS. Isn’t helping that we’re not getting a lot of trade ins for the C8’s with the GM plants down
Might be a oppertunity lost on a nice car.

Car had a very rough idle. Misfires on more than half the cylinders. Multiple pages of codes stored. Couldn’t narrow the issue down but it sounded horrible"

Purdy common with a GM product on a lot for a while. Newer ones seldom will go over 18 - 25 days with out being started and driven enough to warm them up to operating temp good! (Dead or very low battery!)

Most lot goons just jump them off and call it good.

They really need the battery disconnected charged,recconected,Codes Dumped and taken for a drive so the ECM and Modules relearn the perimeters! A Re-Boot so to speak!:thumb

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