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Replace Antenna here is some hot tips


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Apr 9, 2007
1990 Blue Steel
I have a 1990. Ok after twice breaking the Antenna.:puke I thought I might go back and watch them how they do it.;shrug

Tip 1. Don't be stupid like me and just cut the antenna cable off.:bash if you have any cable left at all. very slow pull out the cable from the motor if exposed on the outside of the car. If you can do that then all you have to do is replace the antenna mask, saving you some big bucks.

Tip 2. If you break the cable, all you have to do is buy the antenna kit. It comes with the wrench and all. Just remove the top bolt inside the antenna hole, once out. Put the place the cable into hole, make sure your radio is on, then turn radio off and the cable will suck right around the motor and then put the new antenna in.

It took them about ten minutes. It took me longer to write out the check.


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