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Replacing starter solenoid??


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Jan 26, 2001
Asheville, NC
1973 converted to 1980 custom convertible
Anyone think I can replace the solenoid without pulling the starter off?


I've never replaced the solenoid while the starter was connected to the engine. It is so easy to remove the starter that I've always just removed it..

Yikes, I see in your sig that you have headers on that ride. So, you are going to have blast squeezing ye old starter out of the engine. However, you might get lucky and have headers that are just shaped so that it will drop out.

No wonder you want to do it on the car. I really would not consider trying it with the starter on the car.

Thats why I wanted to pull it without removing the starter. I maybe be able to clear the header without a major dismantle of the exhaust. I sure hope so. I was simply trying to fix my clutch safety switch when I found a major crack in the solenoid. I think it may be the original solenoid. That makes it over 20 years old. Why is it that when I'm fixing one problem, I discover 2 or 3 more????



Don't feel so bad. You only discovered other problems, I cause two or three more problems when I am just trying to fix one!
You could mount a Ford type solenoid or remote aftermarket type to an easier access place, and instead just switch the wires around? You'll probably want to put on a heat sleeve and a heat shield. Good luck, Jim. --Bullitt

you might want to see if a 84 trans am 305 G code starter will fit your car my T/A has one of these they are quite a bit smaller than the older starters found on chevy's and may help you with header clearance problems my T/A has edelbrock tes headers and this starter slip in and out with ease, hope this helps ya
Topless and Bullit,

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll investigate. I think I am going to jack her up and see how hard its going to be to pull the starter. I really think I just may have enough room! Thank goodness solenoids are cheap.



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