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Replacing the heater control valve with a manual shut off valve


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May 28, 2015
1977 light blue
I replaced the heater control valve on my 77, but it doesn't seem to be working properly, so I thought about sending in for a manual shut off valve, and using it instead. Anybody out there in Corvette land ever used one of these?
I use a pair of needle nose vice grips with a wire tie around them to keep them from opening :thumb:thumb
With needle nose style vice grips

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I traced the vacuum line that connects to the heater control valve, and I discovered a crack in the small plastic vacuum line, preventing the control valve from working. This is why I was getting the heat through the ducts. Hard to imagine a 41 year old plastic vacuum line cracking;). I still may install the shut off valve I purchased, cause it seems more fool proof, but I did find the problem. No more cooked leg syndrome.

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