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You hit the nail on the head with the needy car syndrome. The piggy bank is only so full so I'm going to have to be real careful. I'd actually be better off spending a little bit more up front than risk ending up with no money and no time to work on the '65 because of a new headache. We'll see, nothing is set in stone.
I just want to drive one again without having to bum rides from my friends.

On a side note, a friend of mine locked her keys in a '98 convert about a month ago. She couldn't get in her car, her house and her cell phone was also in the car (I think she had withdrawal's from being away from her phone for an hour). Anyway, it took me about a minute to break into the car with a coat hanger. No warm and fuzzy there......

Some of us love an old original!!

Jerry Bramlett from Mobile, ALabama has a white on white on white 64 fuel injected convertible. He will sell the car, but the buyer has to promise that " the car will not be restored........just maintained" as it has been the last 38 years and 100,000 miles. It is a very well maintained car that is "DRIVEN".

A lot to be said about that. I have had both. Body off frame show cars that I had so much money and time in that I was not only afraid to drive it ( what if it gets hit ) but also so tired of all the work that I could not wait to get rid of it.

If I were you, I would take Tom's advise. Drive and enjoy the car this spring and summer. I will guarantee you by summers end you will KNOW what approach you will take. Come fall, your Corvette life will take on a new meaning. And if it's not FUN, then why are we doing it.

And if the car has aged "pitina", all will admire as they know it is driven and enjoyed. Anyone can own a restored car..........but how many originals are out there.
Save the wave,

Jim Gessner
Re: Some of us love an old original!!

vettefinderjim said:
Anyone can own a restored car..........but how many originals are out there. Save the wave,
Jim Gessner

:upthumbs Jim, that has to be one of the best lines I've heard yet on this topic, straight to the point. You mind if I put that on a t-shirt;).

- Eric
Hey Jim, I know I shouldn't even have to ask, but are you going to the Monterey Historic Automobile Races this year (August 16-18)? If so, what will you be taking and are you scheduled as a participant?

_ken :w
It is like a good wine !!

There are some good things about original cars. And they are only original once.

I admire the NCRS "BOWTIE" award and Bloomington's "Survivor".
If these awards were not started many of the fine original examples of our cars would be lost in the restoration. remember, we are only caretakers.........and when we get tired, we move our stuff on. Isn't it neat to see people want to keep our cars as they have been?

Have fun......and Save the Wave,
Monterey 2002

Not to change subjects Ken,
but yes I will be going to Monterey. I sold my race car in 1994, and now unfortunately have Multiple Sclerosis, so my racing and shifting days are over.

I will however, be spending the week with my old racer buddies. I will be going up with Joe Freitas, 1962 SCCA Pacific Coast Points Champ in A/P in his 61 Corvette powered by a 327 motor.

Joe was a very good personel friend of Dave MacDonald and bought Dave's last year racers. In 62, he bought Dave's "00" 1957 fuel injected car and raced that in between the Cobra's that both he and Dave drove. In 1964, Dave was killed at Indy and Joe parked the 57 and hung up his driving shoes.

I met him in 1989, and when I "found the car in the barn" coaxed him into restoring it for vintage racing.

Here we are 10years later........a bunch of old geezers, having fun laughling with Guldstrand, Hooper,Reinhart, Bondurant and Jim Jeffords among others. We all will be there. Driving or trying to drive our favorite cars and stories around the 2.4 mile famous roadcourse.

One thing is certain. The pit area people and cars that will be in attandence will be unbelievable.

56 Sebring racers, 56 SR-2 racers, 57 Sebring, 58- 62 RPO #684 Heavy brake and big tank cars, The 59 Purple People Eater of Nickey Chevrolet, two of the Cunningham 1960 LeMans cars, The 60 Camarodi racer from Havana, LeMans and Nurenburg. 61 Sebring racer of Bud Gates....with Bud, 62 Daytona /Sebring Grady Davis car that Dr. Dick Thompson drove......with Dr. Dick, 63 ZO-6 racers of Mickey Thompson, Delmo Johnson, Dave Mac Donald, .......The Grand Sports, at least two racing and all five should be in attendance....Roger Penske's 66 Daytona 427 L-88 coupe raced by Guldstrand, Wintersteen and Moore at 182 mph.........and a first this year....a real A/P 66-72 Corvette Big Block class fight off the the big block Cobras.

I know there will be more, but there are many cars coming from back east ( 17 at last count) that we never see here in California. If you like the 60's and 70's road racing events, then do not miss this years Historic.

The NCRS has their convention August 8-13 at the Doubletree, the Monterey del Oro of the WSCC ( Western States Corvette Council) on August 13-14, finally followed by the 29th Monterey Historic August 16-18. Throw in the RM, Russo and Steele auctions , Concour Itallino, and Pebble Beach Concour and you will be brain dead with car events for the year.

If you have never been, you must go. But plan ahead. Rooms are already sold out and costs are very high.

Save the Wave,
We will be having fun as we drivew by,
Jim Gessner
I already have my room reservations and tickets Jim. I was exchanging comments with a gentleman the other day here, whose name for the life of me escapes me at the moment, and he'll be bringing the resurrected Owens-Corning Racer from the '68-'72 seasons.

I'm looking forward to it!

_ken :w

That would be Howard Nardick from Wisconsin. He has the # 3 car from Europe and will be racing in the new A/P 66-72 class.

That group will be wild. The big boys are coming home.
Jim McIntosh is the gentleman I spoke with, he is a member of this community, do you know him?

1965 Restoration

I had posted eariler that I was starting a off-frame restoration on a 1965 Roadster. I am happy to report that the body is off with no major problems. The frame is in excellent condition, battery tray will need to be replaced. Can anyone recommend a good source for the correct tray.

Glen green on Saddle

Looks like you have made great progress 61 silver. Glen Green is a very interesting color, almost black.

Have you noticed the interior color change of the dash? Take a good look at the dash pad area and then the paint color around the radio and heater controls. There is a distinct difference in the painted area here and almost all cars that I have seen restored have painted this area incorrectly. Everyone paints it a solid color, but there are two distinct colors here.

Good luck with your car. A friend is restoring a twin, but it has air conditioning and is a 300hp powerglide, power window car. He is a professional painter and bought this car because he likes the glen green on saddle color and said very few restored cars are done "as original".
Ray -

Most of the resto houses have battery trays - Dr. Rebuild and Long Island Corvette Supply are reasonably close to you. I'm partial to Dr. Rebuild - no affiliation blahblahblah, just a satisfied customer.

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