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restoration package



There is a Chevrolet or GM (?) telephone number you can call and give them your VIN and they will send you a package of info on the model car your have as far as assembly booklets and other info. I obtained this once before but do not have the phone number any longer. Does anyone have the number???

Thanks Roy
Does anyone know how long this typically takes? I called for a package for my '75 close to two months ago after seeing this same information on this board. They told me, while I was still on the telephone, that the package was on the way. So far, the mailman has only delivered bills from Corvette Central . . .

Sign me . . . waiting with abated breath . . .
rpounds said:
Does anyone know how long this typically takes

Can't help you on the Corvette Central bills :eyerole but I can tell you it only took about 2 weeks for me to receive my resto package from Chevy. If I were you, I'd call again.
Thanks Eric . . . I'll give them another try. I called fairly late in the evening. More than likely, I caught them in between shifts . . . or just before coffee break!!

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