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Richmond or tremic


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May 24, 2001
We Will All Meet Again
1966,and a 1962 thats almost complete

Still curious if the 700 is stock? if not what have you done to beef it up?


Sorry I did not answer you

The trans is not stock, I requested the builder to make me a transmition that will hold up to 500 ft lbs of torque, I explained it was for the street only never any slicks

I am not sure what he actually did, when he was building he explained extra clutches, heavey duty valve body, high pressure pump a bunch of other stuff including extra gears meaning if it had 3 in it stock they were putting in 4. I know the torque converter was special but I am not sure what excactley was special about it. This is a shop I entrust all of my truck transmition rebuilds to. Not to sound like a jerk,but when he was collecting part to build it he actually outlined what he was doing and I told him, you know what I want, Just build it as if it was your own car,

That is what we agreed to. I will check the invoice to see if it tells me anything

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