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Road turn arrow overspray on my Vette!



I got stuck going over a bridge that had white turn arrows being sprayed. Just as I got to them a gust of wind carried a little onto my hood. It's a rubbery kind of paint.

Anyone know how I can get it off?

I'd try some tar remover, apply it on a cool surface and in the shade. This shouldn't hurt the paint. Let the tar remover work on the white paint a while, it may soften it up enough to get it off.
You must have been ****ed off when that happened. I would agree, use some tar remover. Give it a shot.
That happened to me in my Z24 about 10 years ago and I was royally peeved. I was on my way to work so I couldn't do anything about it until I got home that evening. By then it had dried on but when I went to see if it would come off the little spots just popped right off with no damage. The car had been waxed recently so I'm sure that made the removal easier. As long as you have a somwhat recent and good wax job you shouldn't have a problem removing it. I would be sure to clean and wax really well afterwards since the rubberized stuff usually has petroleum distilates that could potentially spot the paint if not removed.

Good luck!
faster you get to it the easier itll be. If tar remover or kerosene doesnt take it off, youll have to use a 'Claybar'.

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