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Rodchester Q-Jet



Does anyone know where I can get a Rodchester Q-Jet or two cheap? I rebuilt mine this weekend and want to get another one for parts and to setup as more of a race carb. I found that putting any of my Holley's or Edelbrocks on tend to hit the EGR. So, I want to put together a few Q-Jets for different driving. Let me know. Old junkers or simi-working units would be fine. I dont want to spend a mint. Thanks all.


I found out some interesting info today on stock Q-Jets and the AIR (smog pump) systems that I did not know. I rebuilt my Q-Jet because it was running rich and burning a lot of fuel. The AIR pump was not working when I bought my Vette. I plan to pull it off soon. I read in an Rodchester book I have that the factory carbs were calibrated to run richer than non-AIR equipped cars. Therefore, with mine not working the car will run rich, no matter what. That is unless I go to a different carb. This is another reason I am looking for Rodchesters. I want to find a pre-AIR carb to swap out mine with. Thought I would pass this along. Many of you may already know this, but I didnt.:eyerole

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