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Rodent damage

George H. Williams III

Gone but not forgotten
Mar 7, 2001
Baltimore, Maryland
1994 Polo Green Convertable
While having some routine service done I struck up a conversation with the tech. One of the points covered was the apparent severe damage that he has seen in vettes that had been stored/parked for extended periods of time. Mice/rats make homes in the vent systems, seats, carpets etc. The damage and health hazard can be quite a mess. I came accross a device in the hardware store; an electric pest repeller. You plug it in a normal socket and the high pitch waves (not any you can here) and it is supposed to keep the little critters at bay. Just thought my covette friends may be interested. I was unaware of the problem.
That sounds like a cool little device when storing your vehicle.
One time I had little ground squirrels making a new home underneath the plenum on my '85. I removed them unharmed :)

i wish they had something for cats.i have scratches all over and muddy paw prints every morning,and a hassle to cover and uncover all the time,but i guess iam gonna have too :mad

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