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roller cam thrust


robert kirk

installing a roller cam in a big block. anybody know how much thrust should be between timing cover and cam button? how about assy lube what do you use? am using a gear drive.thanks robert
Not sure about thrust

But dont forget to change your distributer gear to bronze
Assembly lube


I think most camshaft manufacturers have their own lube. Probably all the same but I would contact the manufacturer and use theirs for warranty purposes. Roller cams don't require the same kind of wear-in period as flat tappets because there is basically no wear. I have read that you can change roller lifters on an old roller cam with no problems.

GM recommends their EOS concentrate as assembly lube and I have used it for years without a problem. I'm not sure on the cam button clearance. I have never used one or a gear drive.
Sounds like you are setting it up where the cover contacts the button? You need to set it up where there is 0.004"-0.010" play between the cover and cam button. Install the cover, and then move the cam back and forth and measure play with a dial indicator.

As for assembly lube: Don't use any on the cam or lifters. The lube can clog the roller bearings and prevent the rollers from spinning. Soak the lifters in mineral spirits for a while. Then soak them in 10W-30 engine oil over night. This is the recommended procedure by comp cams.

As for using a bronze dist gear: If the cam is a modern design intended for street use, it will have a cast iron dist gear pressed on the back. With the press-on gear, you don't need a bronze dist gear.

Good luck. Big blocks love roller cams. I've had one on my 454 for over a year now and love it.

Markus '71 454.
Welcome aboard zwede

Welcome to the Covette Action Center. Thanks for your input, nice to see a BB man around willing to share his knowledge and inexprience. Sure would like to see some pictures of your '71 and esp that 454.

Welcome aboard Zwede. It is nice to have someone participate that is knowledgable on roller cams. Us old guys just aren't always up to speed.
thanks for the info. the cam has a castiron gear so that is not a problem. nice to hear from you Zwede. robert

Ok mooseman here welcome aboard swede from tx you are absolutely right and the sound of a big block oh oh oh well did you ever here of a mouse 302 with girdles and 7000 rpm thats right 7000 screams doesn't it sometimes i wish i had and auto trans, well so much for wishes and then the 4 speed comes on I have thought of dropping a 454 in the 59 but i don;t think i am quite ready for that yet anyways when i installed my cam they supplied a thrust button and flat roller bearing to weld to the inside cover of the front chain case that took up the end play so the cam would not walk. it works just great and you are right you have to use a dial indicator to see just where the cam is walking to and take up the play with shims. glad to see you fellows are into it. BEST SIGHT ON THE NET and we should be telling all our vette friends about it only thing is i see this sight going to get crowded . but this i dont think is going to be a problem. remember its the contributors that are going to make this site better. MOOSEMAN
big block roller

i would reinforce timing gear cover to make sure that the cam does not push the cover out. you can epoxy a shim on the back side of the water pump to keep the cover from pushing out.

thats right motorman but this shim on the inside is about 2-1/2 inchis in circumference and the trust washer is attached to that ----thickness depends on what the dial indicater reads for walking measurments keep up with the good postings MOOSEMAN

I'm impressed. A really great web sight and super awsome Corvette. It's enough to give a guy big block fever again.

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