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Rotors: slotted vs. cross-drilled, & can I race with warp?



Rotors: GM should be ashamed of these stock rotors. I love the car, but this is just substandard. Mine are now warped after just 20k mi use. Has anyone with race experience got an opinion on this? I am signed to road race in October--maybe 60-80 laps, but I don't know the course personally.

Replacement rotors:

Either way, I'm definitely going to buy new rotors and pads soon; reason for the above is that I'd like to put them on after the race so I get more out of them.

Does anyone have experience with the slotted Sport rotors from Vette Brakes? And is there
a cheaper way to get these than from the Vette Brakes catalog? Will these cool as well as cross-drilled rotors?

Thanks, as always,
I really appreciate input!


I've replaced the entire front and back system with Brembo's. They are great for racing, and stop an absolute best of any car I've driven in. Front are 14" cross drilled. So far I've gotten good use on the pads. Not sure if the rotars can be machined or if they even require it.

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