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RPO Codes


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Aug 14, 2001
Lido Beach,New York
1993 Convertible 1999 FRC Pewter sold
The RPO Codes on my '86 list one "G44". After searching in many code guides I found that listed as" 3.07 axle ratio". Other places list G92 as "performance axle ratio 3.07" are both correct? My car has the Z51 code as well.
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You bring up a good point, I guess we'll never figure out those guys from the factory, eh? :L

The Black Book, as you say, lists G92 as the option code for the 1986 Corvette (as well as the '87 - my year), but the build sheet I got for my Corvette indicates G44 as the option code for the same 3.07 performance axle ratio.

Maybe somebody with some insight into why the General does this, can help us here.
I have the exact same problem! i looked it up and mine has that RPO code too (i have an 86 Z51 coupe) and i still cant figure it out either.

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