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Rubber hood seal



I am replacing the hood seal on my 75 but dont know if the replacement piece is cut to lenght or just cut off a roll to the about lenght and a little more just to make sure. I don't have the old one to look at but this replacement looks mighty long. It's enuff to go across the rear of the hood and half way down each side. Its 721/2 inches long for the total lenght.
If some one which a hood seal could measure theirs and let me know I would appreciate it. I plan to put it on tomorrow if all goes right.

Thanks roy

My hood seal was missing also, so I installed one a few months ago. I don't have an answer to your specific question, however I did not cut mine to length. I doubled it over onto itself so that I could mark the exact center. Then, I lined it up so that the overlap down the sides of the hood were equal on each side. Whether or not this is correct is beyond me. But, it fit well and did not cause any problems. I do know this . . . if it was supposed to be cut to fit the back end of the hood only, then the kit that I bought would have done two hoods.


Mine is the same way. It's long enuff to come 1/2 way down the side of the hood on each side. I guess that might be the way it is suppose to be but seems strange. I didn't get around to mine today so maybe I can find one to look at before I do it. Theres probably not many originals around to look at. Most have probably been changed by now or are missing.

Thanks for the info on yours,,,mine will probably be the same

I don't know if this would apply to your years, but on my '71 it's almost the same deal. I'd say it goes down about a third of the way, though. Yes, it's still the beat up original. I need to ship it out soon, hey Steve? ;) --Bullitt

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