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Nov 18, 2012
Charlotte, NC
1996 Collector's Edition 383 Stroker
Do you still get a rush when you take your vette out for a spin? I sure do. When I quit getting a rush on my motorcycle I sold it!
I've had Corvettes for 25 years, and, yes, I still get a rush when I get into the driver's seat, each and every time!!! Like you said, when that stops, the Corvette will be gone! ;)

Catching second and third gear at anything approaching full throttle in our Z06/Z16 still gives me that "special" feeling... I don't see it EVER going away!!
I don't know if I can call it a rush but I certainly get the same special feeling that I always got when I slide behind the wheel of a Corvette.
I will never forget the excitment I felt as the guy handed me the keys to my 65 white with bright blue interior Roadster back in 69.......I was 19 and could not believe I had a real Corvette. My Grand Sport is my tenth Corvette, I'm 63 and I still get a smile whenever I get in it and fire it up. If I haven't lost the zing by now I doubt if I ever will. :happyanim:
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Yep, she's still fun to take out for a spirited scoot...


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