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S/S or reg Lines



In the process of my chassis restoration. Should I put in Stainless Steel lines for fuel?? And what are the advantages or disadvantages.

Also the car (77') came (from the previous owner) with only a tank to pump line hooked up all the other fuel lines were disconnected and left alone. I dont have emmisions control on the engine and we dont have laws for it here. So do I need to put the left and right vapour lines back on. I need to get all new lines anyway so I will appreciate the input.
Hooking the tank vapor lines back up will pay off in the end. This keeps the fuel stink smell from escaping out making your garage smell bad, and the car in general. If you cap all this off you will need to vent the gas cap by drilling a small hole in it. Otherwise the pressure can not equalize and you will vapor lock.

Stainless is not a bad idea. It cost a little more, but looks great for a long time.

In either event, the inside is what counts. You should not reall experience any rust problems in the line unless the car sits up for a long time (like years).

If you are in a salt water area or environment, I would suggest using stainless steel. My sister lives on the islands and tells me how things tend to corrode faster with salt water being near. And I agree with 69MyWay, hook up the emission (evaporative) lines. Sarge :w
Hi Spdfrk. Good luck with the fuel lines. :)
Just one thing. I was in Antigua last March on my Destroyer(Canadian ship) for a few days and noticed that there were not many places to really open her(your car) up. I noticed a lot of really nice cars.(mostly ricers though). Do you guys have a track or a secluded strip to do a bit of speeding...;)
Was just curious is all.

Scott :w
Oh Yeah!!!

Yeah we have a 1/4 mile strip here, and a number of good straight roads :) We put them to good use!!!

Safely of course.

When i had my Evolution 6 I got her up to about 240 clicks on one of them.

About the evaporator lines, my engine dosent have any emmisions equipment on it at all, i still have the canister but no lines to the carb. Its a 600 Holley. Any replys on how to hook it up. Also I dont think the canister is complete, Is the bottom supposed to be open? I can see the filter.

Thanks guys.

STRYKER_78 - how did you enjoy the island??
Hi, it sounds like to me that you need to get your self a new evap cannister. I am no where near my car to take a look. Actually am about 6000 miles away from my car at the moment.(Arabian Sea off of Pakistan) From what I can tell from my Corvette Central parts catalogue, there is one line running to the carb(front right lower side) and one to the gas tank. I could be wrong. If I were at home I could tell you for sure...sorry.
You might want to get yourself a good manual for your car. I know you have probably thought of that your self...LOL Good luck with this problem. Hopefully someone else can give you more info.

On the topic of the island. It was nice but very hot. I got burned pretty good on a boat tour (a big white colored CAT:awesome boat).We went out snorkling and saw Robin Leech's house. There were a lot of parties down on some party boats on the pier that we were docked at. I liked the bar Hemmingways. :) Did not get to see much of the island though. I know a guy who is from St John's and goes to Dalhousie University in Halifax. His sister works at one of the casinos. He drives a suped up Integra. I have forgotten his name if ya can believe that. DOH

Talk to ya later.

Stryker I think I was on the the big cat myself last april. I was on a cruise and went to Antigua. We went snokling on a new big white cat that had a blue interior. It was a fun trip out to the reef and back.

It was the only dive/snokling trip I was ever on that had all the rum you could drink on the way back.

Hi resto75,I can't remember the CAT's name. The whole boat was white. The inside and out. And yes all the rum punch and Vodka and orange we could drink. But I remember passing a boat like you described. It was a little smaller and older than the one I was on. The CAT I was on was only a year or two old I believe.
Anyways it was fun. But boy what a hangover. :)

Scott :w

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