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Aug 1, 2001
2003 Z06
Hello all,
I was in auto class today and noticed that some guys were using a Snap-On diagnostic scanner on a 93 Dodge that failed emissions.

Has anyone here used one of those? I believe the device was somewhere in the area of $1,000; but I figure that I can get a lot of use out of it. Not only for myself, but for friends as well. I mean, it costs like $60+ to have the shop hook up your car to run a diagnostic check.

Any feedback would be great!

Yes, I've seen those scanners for $99 at PepBoys before, but I'm not really sure how good they are. Have you used one of those PepBoy ones before?

Do they also sell plugs for Japanese cars? I have a Camry and if you think Corvette repairs/parts are expensive, you should check out the Camry parts and labor. Toyota wanted $80+ for oxygen sensors and there are 3 on the Camry. I took it to them to scan the check engine light and Toyota charges somewhere's around $80!
a little info

I live in canada never used a pep boys scanner but i use the snap-on daily and went for scanner tranning and i am pretty sure it has alot of more features like shot a movie because when you watch data stream it only reads every 4-5 frame could be missleading on some diagnose like O2 sensor will read lean lean lean but could really be swtching to rich inbetween frames it is also good to find diagonstic connectors because if u use vin entry mode it will tell u where to hook up good feature.

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