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Scoop!! I Talked to Sonny Kilgo today


Black Ice

I gave Sonny a call today to see how the Olimpic torch runner was doing and enjoying retirement. The BG factory has not replaced Sonny's position and that is really to bad for the Corvette customer. I wonder if GM really realizes how important it is that we the owners have a person at the plant like that. Although no one will ever replace Sonny Kilgo. Sonny always made me feel like royalty evey time I visited the plant to see one of my cars being built.
He did say one of the other reasons they closed the plant this fall to tours was because of the build of a lot of 2003 pilot and anniversary cars. Im starting to think now there may be some minor body panel change on the 2003s. He said he talked to one of the C6 platform people at the Olympic torch event and he said that the C6 is a very beautiful car Wooo Hooo!!. He also said the new Cadillac would be like Corvette and have composite body panels.

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