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Seat belt Lock


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Sep 23, 2001
Ooltewah, Tennessee
2002 Pewter Coupe
Last week I noticed that the drivers side seat belt lock, would not... I called the dealer and my salesman came to my job and picked up the car for repair (Thursday). When he returned the car, the news was that they had to order the part and it would be here today (Wednesday 10-10) Called this PM, still no part and it might take at least a couple of days more. This seems somewhat un-nerving as the seat belt in this car is SOMEWHAT important. I find it hard to believe that a $50,000 car is hampered by a $12.00 part. Just got off the phone with the service manager and was informede that the part was shipped UPS with a scheduled delivery of Friday 10-12. Now that I am done ranting over what to me seems to be a sad situation, does anyone know where I can get a seat belt lock (the female part of it)or replacement seat belts for the 2002 C5? Thanks for reading...
You might want to ask the dealer if GM has a campaign on it for the seat belt. The dealer replaced a part for my seatbelt as well and said it was covered by a campaign (recall).

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