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Seat belts



My 77 Seat belts do not fully tighten or you have to pull on them for a bit before they release so you can buckle them in. But i cant find any parts for them in any kind of magazine or corvette resto book.

Any body have any experience fixing these belts. I would really like to have them fixed so taht way if i get into an accident they will actually work.

Any help would be awsome.

There have been prior posts on rebuilding services. You can also find replacements in Ecklers,MADirect,etc. Someone will chime in.
Good Luck,
I took mine out when installing new carpets, after cleaning out all carpet fiber and sprayed down with WD40, mine now work like new :)
I have the same predicament with my 75. I will try your suggestion. Thanks!:(
Mine were the same way. If the lap belt is the problem then look at the retractor under the seat (gotta remove the seat). If the shoulder belt is the problem then go to the retractor behind the seat on the wheel well hump.

I had a lot of crud in the lap belt retractors, fuzz, and hair, and all sorts of nastyness... Found coins in the passenger side retractor mount area under the seat.
My issue is I have to replace both the driver and passenger side belts and retractors. Would any of you recommend Snake-Oyl or someone else? I called a business www.julianos.com and asked about their $89.00 3-way belts. The gentleman, I spoke with, said several corvette buyers ended up returning the belts because the retractor(s) do not fit properly. Soemthing tells me the retractors can be mounted maybe with a little massaging of mounting brackets or something. Has anyone ever purchased from Julianos and if so, what had to be done? Thanks, in advance!!

80 shark
Check out the Portal under new and used parts.
Hope this helps.
I've heard of people using the Camaro belts if your not into the matching # thing.

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