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Seat Rail & Seat Tag ?



Leaving work yesterday, I sat into the driver's seat and felt like I almost flipped over backwards! The front of my seat was LOOSE from the floor! (I don't weigh that much!)

Well, this morning, Hubby took out the seat, and found that the front plates that attatch to the track/rail were cracked. As a temporary fix, we moved the passenger seat into the driver's place. Tomorrow Hubby will mig weld, or tack weld the plates back to the seatrail and reinstall it. I flippped through one Vette catalog and could not find those plates seperately. However, another catalog had a good blown apart diagram, and sold the pieces seperately, but stated they needed to be welded...so if it has to be welded anyway...we will just weld our original ones.

There was a loose 'tag' under the driver seat, it reads 388677 and LS4-M 3127. I don't know what it signifies. An option?

Another thing we noticed..the driver and passenger seats are exactly the same. Both seats' slider adjustment arm is on the RH front side. Shouldn't they be mirror images of each other?

Mine too!

Can't help you with the tag but both of my seats are exact duplicates of each other. I think the seats in 78 are the same as mine except Pace Cars. I've found a few stray trim rags in my resto process, several of which seemed out of place. I've kept them all and made not of where they came from so I can ask an NCRS expert someday.

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