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Seatbacks on 1998 Coupe


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Mar 5, 2002
Kansas City, Mo, USA
1998 Black Coupe
This shouldn't be too tough of a question.

I'm looking at that 1998 coupe still and just realized something while going through the list. The seatbacks don't seem to lock. They will not go backward, but they will lean foreward (both left and right) without the use of a lever. Is this normal?


HI there,
They may move forward slightly, without the use of the lever at the back of the seat. It should still lock out, and stop the movement completely forward, until the lever at the top of the seat back is used.
They will move backwards, using the lever at the outside of the seat, next to the power seating controls.
HOpe this helps, besttoyou, c4c5:hb
You should not be able to move the seats completely foreward without using the lever on the back of the seat. It will lock when you pull it foreward and when you push it back.

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