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Seatbelt light



Hi again..this is my last problem (i hope).
The red light "FASTEN SEATBELT" will not go out wen i put on the belt. It has not ben possible to get a wiring diagram here i Sweden. Anyone that kan give me a hand ??
Hi Max,

Does your "INFL REST" light stay on also or is it only the seatbelt light?

Hi Jay...no it is only the seatbeltlight. The "bell" sound for the seatbelt is OK.
Check the switch

On the buckle lock ( right side of seat) there are 2 wires at the base ( Black/white & Black)

The lock switch should close( I think) when the buckle is in. Get your ohm meter and measure it to make sure the switch is actually working.

It doesn't matter if it's open or closed ( now)
as long as it does something when the latch is in or out.

The Black/white is frame ground.

The black goes to C2 F10 of the CCM computer.

If the switch is NOT changing states.. you could take a paperclip and connect the two pins going to the wiring harness to see if the light goes out.

The switch loads up with spilled coffee and other mystery YUCK.

Sometime the connector gets mashed.

Might be a good time to pull the seat to inspect things 4 nuts..2 connectors ( if you have sport seats) and out she comes.

You will be suprised what you find under there!

Mike...this is wath i know.
If i sitt in the car with the belt on and turn the ignition on the "bell" is not ringin but the lamp is on.
If i sit in the car and not having the belt on and turning the ignition on the "bell" is ringin and the lamp is on.
So i asume the switch in the belt is OK.
The importend thing for me is to get the red light out. I know iff i have the belt on.
I have the sport seats, i djust had them out to repare the motor that is controlling the upp/down in the seat.
In the morning i will conect the cables and se if the light goes off.
There is no voltige betwene the to cables in the buckle.
The black line....

SHOULD be pulled up to 12 volts ( low current)
Don't use a test light use a meter!

Hi Mike...used a meter. No current. Does the cable start att CCM ?
The CCM is the big black box on the left rear side in the engine room ???
Will try to put current on the black kable.

The 12 volts you should see is internal pull up resistor internal of the CCM.

The CCM is located behind the radio buried deep in the dash.

I believe you need to pull ALOT of stuff out to get at it.. but the electrical connectors are on the side.

I would buzz( ohm ) the wire from the seatbelt to the CCM first.

The connector is C-2 ( green ) pin F-10

In the book it states that if you pull that connector and the light goes out it's the wiring.

Taking that a step further

The black line from the seatbelt should NOT
be grounded.

And I believe you will only get the pullup with the key on.

OK..i will try to find the cabels. I did try this morning but did not get enywere beacuse the carpet is glued to the floor.

The wire entry view( back) of the green connetor( c-2 )

Key UP

If you pull C-2 you loose power to the CCM.

If the light still lights.... the control line from the CCM is grounded ( one side of the light is +12 all the time)

It's a grey black ( switched ground ) from the light to C-13 on C-1( grey connector) CCM.

Now according to the book for a 93 ( which should be the same as yours)

Disconnect CCM C-1 Grey connector, turn Ignition ON, seat belt fastened does fasten seat belt indicator turn off?

If yes
Ign off
Replace Grey connector to CCM
Ign on
Put a test light between +12 volts and F-10
( C-2 green connector, black line )

If the light lights unbuckle the seatbelt

Does the light go out?

If no there is a short somewhere in that black line to ground.

If the light goes out but the status of the fasten seatbelts light dosen't change.. your CCM is toast ( for that function, probably)

We could chase it further... but it gets MORE complicated.


The seatbelt switch should OPEN when the buckle is in.

The black line should go HIGH

The seatbelt light should go off.

Thinking out loud ( again )

Do you have the stock stereo in it?

had there been any interior repairs/ changes around the seat area/ center console?

The seat belt line runs up under the carpet and up to the center console.. to join the larger harness, it would just 1 screw in the wrong place to nick that cable to ground.


Somebody put an after market alarm and picked off the black wire thinking it was ground.


The wire is pinched and hitting something metal ( like around the shifter area)

Hi Mike..yes i have the stock stereo, BOSE GOLD. I will try to follow the wires from the buckle and forward. Wen i got the car last summer i discoverd that many electrical wires war messed up.
The headlights did not pop upp, the rear left turnsignal did only work somtimes and so on.
You have given me some ideas to work on.
Ahhhhhh HAH

The GM stuff is usually very good by itself ( wiring wise) yes it could be better in some area's.. but then again we could be thinner or better looking.

So start digging... I'll bet you recieved some unwanted help from a previous owner.


BTW what's the time diff between us?
I did have a speak with the previous owner but he did not know enything. The lights have been rebuilt to european standard and that has messed things upp. The man that did it did not know enything abaut electricity.
The time is now 2300 so it is bedtime. I will continue tomorrow.
Forgot...do i have to take the radio and the EAC out ??
Time Difference

1:30 pm CA is 11:00pm your time, looks like 9.5 hours difference.

Start by removing the hush panels on the drivers side & the pass side, then the side panels which run the side of the transmission hump.

Both seats have to come out for this ( sorry )

Then there are 2 metal sub panels left & right sides which cover the CCM, they have to come out as well.

Now you should be able to see the CCM resting at a 45 degree angle behind the radio and it sildes out the drivers side.

The book is not clear about what side the connectors are on.

BUT you might want to take a look around when you get the drivers side panel out
the harness for the belt is running around about in line with the seat adjustments.

Do you have the FX-3 adjustable suspension package?

If you do.. there are 4 wires taped together if not only 2 for the seatbelt.

Black/White & Black

Double check the following
With the key on
Seat belt out
connector on seat belt disconnected
Probe the black wire ( other side of the meter grounded)
VERIFY you do not have 12 volts there.

If not the pair of wires that runs into the main harness.. fastens to a metal bracket.
about 4 or so inches from the connector.

Mike...i have loked at al the cables today. I almost fainted. Do they al have a purpose ? I do not think i will touch enything in there. It looks realy expensive.
I think i have another option. How about djust removing the red lamp ?? If the lamp is not in place does it affekt something else.
If the lamps not in place

Nothing else will work..your car wil not turn over.


Naw pull the bulb if your not going to fix it.

Sorry Mike..I don`t understand

Naw pull the bulb if your not going to fix it.

What does that mean ??

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