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serpentine drive


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Nov 1, 2001
southern california
1982 convertible (not factory) stock 350cfi auto
well finshed putting my camaro serpentine belt drive system on my vette, might have been better using a march system, but the camaro system looks real nice might have all the brackets polished now I just have to wire up my iroc twin electric fans and re-wire the alternator harness

heres a question for you all

I can put tuned port injection on my vette but heres the question I would like to hear your thoughts on.

what would you all think would look better a polished out TPI system or a polished out crossfire injection system

and what system would you choose if you were more interested in looks verses power
Interesting thought

TPIs are very popular polished but I was just picturing in my mind (what there is) a Crossfire with a polished manifold and 2 individual chrome air cleaners. Sure would be different. You could reroute the harnesses and plumbing to get it more out of sight and chrome or polish the tubing that shows.

Been there done it, just not in a C3,

So, technology has come and already past beyond the original tuned port units. They are nice, dependable, and after fooling around with newer systems, terribly easy to comprehend and service (as a stand alone unit with an aftermarket harness).

Here are some things to consider (fuel injection).

Dollar for dollar (unless you are getting a free injection system) you can get far better performance out of a properly tuned carb and matched intake and ignition system than a stock style tuned port system. However, looks wise the TPI is the best.

You will have an issue getting maximum air flow to the unit as you will be cramped for space up front. Kind of like running the 50 yard dash with a rag in your mouth. Again, it looks cool, but performance is diminished.

Other issues, TPI can get expensive to bring it up to speed. In other words, if you get a usesd unit from the bone yard it is going to be as much as 15 years old. Are the injectors froze up, clogged, damaged? So, by the time you buy new injectors, the aftermarket harness, new sensors, etc, a larger throttle body housing etc. etc. you now have a major investment.

As far as torque goes, you can't beat TPI. When running right it will rip the back tires off at low RPM and give you that seat of the pants grunt. Don't be surprised when you hit about 4,500 RPM that is falls flat on its face.

I would not even consider doing anything special with the cross fire. That is personal opinion. It is a good system when it is running, but performance wise you are limited. The old, if it don't go chrome it routine. The difference is you can pump up an extra 40 or 50 hsp by running a modded up TPI, and look cool.

So, choice is yours. There are tons of them running around out there.

But wait................there's more....

Look close at your budget and then look at some of the aftermarket systems. Edelbrock has a Pro Flo fuel injection for the mouse motor that is right at $2K. Before you freak out, consider a used TPI ($300), Having it polished/chromed/powder coated ($150), Aftermarket Harness ($300), Chip ($150), larger throttle body ($300), Fuel Pump and system ($150), replacement injectors ($300), Misc sensors etc ($150). What does that add up to? See, the Pro Flow and others like it come with everything you need but somebody to put it in and will deliver superior performance over the Cross Fire or TPI systems, and leave the carb tuners in the dust.

Just my .02, or should I say $2k!

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