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service column lock alert?????



got into my car the other morning and the steering wheel would not move, it said something like "service column lock". it told me to remove key and wait 10 seconds. it still would not work, drove backwards and forwards and it finally went away. freaked me out big time. why did it do this??

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You're right, having the steering column lock up will definitely get your attention! :mad

We also have a '98, and this happened to me last year while backing out of the garage. Had the front wheels in the garage and the rear wheels on the driveway, just starting to turn. Our driveway is steep downhill with a curve BETWEEN TREES, so I was sort of stuck. Never did get it unlocked, and in fact with the driveway configured the way it was, it was a challenge getting the "roll-back" wrecker backed far enough UP the driveway and the 'vette lined up backing DOWN the driveway (without steering) to get the two to safely meet! Anyway, we finally got the car to the dealership where I found that (I believe) the 99's and up have a recall service bulletin for this problem, which was applied to mine.

You'd better get one of the 'vette techie experts to explain, but basically it's an anti-theft system that might be TOO good. (Preventing owners from driving their own cars...)

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More on getting a car on a wrecker without steering

I just described getting our 'vette backed DOWN our curved driveway without steering, and the rollback wrecker trying to back UP to meet it.

There was one problem I didn't mention. Some of my wife's azaleas really caught hell from that truck .....


Scroll down the first page of this forum and you will find a thread titled "steering lock eliminator" . It will tell you what you need to know. Cliff

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