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My 92 is giving me a code 44 on 3 different occasions:
1. When it reaches 150 F on idle speed (parked), the cooler fans start and the light goes on. The fans are not supposed to start until it reaches 190 F (hypertech chip).
2. When driving on the freeway with the cruise control the light goes on and off.
3. If I step on it at max throttle the light goes for few seconds then, it goes off.
code 44 is lean fuel, any tips anyone. Thanks
Code 44 indicates a fault detected in the Left Oxygen Sensor
Circuit (Lean Exhaust Indicated).

Possible Causes:

-Shorted connection at the Oxygen Sensor Wire.
Sensor Pigtail may be hitting the exhaust Manifold.

-MAP Sensor (Manifold Absolute Pressure) is faulty.

-Possible Lean Injector(s).

-Water in the Fuel.

-Low Fuel Pressure

If all the above are OK!, it's a Faulty Left Oxygen Sensor.

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